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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Link Secret High Traffic Sites Will Never, Ever, Ever Mention

Most people frown upon the idea of purchasing links. To them the best way of generating links is the natural way. Actually this sort of thinking makes plenty of sense except that it ignores the facts.

The facts being ignored are a little painful but they are the truth. Here goes.

Fact Number One: Nobody wants to link to a site that has no traffic (no links) in the first place. So the first rule is that if you want links, then you will have to kick start the process. The most effective way of doing this is by purchasing them. You can also find a way to do reciprocal linking.

Fact Number Two: Virtually all high traffic sites that you so admire started off either purchasing links or generating reciprocal links with other sites. Naturally when they get big and are called upon to give tips on how they did it, they will always avoid mentioning that dirty four letter word; link. And they will avoid it at all costs. They will talk about quality content and the usual stuff, which you will go off and implement to the letter, only that it will not work for you. How can it when the key ingredient has been deliberately left out?

Fact Number Three: You will hear folks talking about researching keywords and using them to attract traffic from search engines. How do you attract any traffic via search engines when your site doesn't have enough links pointing at it from other sites? The truth is that for your site to start showing any traffic, you really can't avoid initially purchasing a few links or finding a way to generate sufficient reciprocal links.
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Monday, July 24, 2006

You Swear That Reciprocal Links Are Dead, Meanwhile Others Are Making A Killing From Them

It is amazing how most people remain so ignorant about text links. The really sad thing here is that the consequences on their web traffic is devastating to say the least. Try and see if you can live on a measly 100 page views a week.

While most people are aware of the fact that link farms are frowned upon by search engines, many assume that the word text links or links is a dirty word to be avoided at all costs on the web as long as the links are not natural links. Matters have been made worse by splogs or spam blogs (set up solely for the purpose of creating links, without having any real content). Big sites most affected by this like are aggressively shutting down spam blogs and this has scared the ignorant to such an extent that some do not even want to hear the word "link".

How sad because if you did a little digging around you'd find out that most leading sites these days are getting there by (you guessed it) purchasing text links.

So how do you handle links without getting into trouble?

For starters, it is very important for you to understand what it is about links that upsets search engines. It is the lack of content. To remain in business leading search engines must ensure that anybody using their search tool gets quality results.

Secondly it is important that you realize that despite the fact that everybody is saying reciprocal links are dead, the fact is that there are people making themselves a tidy sum online with no other strategy but reciprocal linking.

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The Truth About Links, Search Engines And Your Low Traffic Site

Leading SEO experts have concluded that new search engine algorithms now ignore reciprocal links. So you read the advice everywhere and every day that you should avoid them at all costs.

What the experts forget to tell you most of the time is that reciprocal links are better than no links at all. So you remain with no links and zero traffic, but holding on to wishful thinking and what you see as good advice.

You cannot really blame the experts because they do not have any time for low traffic sites being run by people who don't have any money to pay the fees they are asking for.

There is something else even more important that the experts will not tell you.

Small low traffic sites do not stand a chance in the search engine wars, so their strategy should be very different. They must work on building up their traffic first. You see search engines are a lot like banks. The richer you are, the more eager banks are to lend you money. In the same way, the higher your traffic, the more attention (and traffic) you will receive from search engines.

In other words if you have a small site with insignificant traffic, you should ignore search engines to start with and focus all your efforts on getting traffic first. The most efficient and quickest way of doing this is by acquiring links. You can purchase them (low cost ones, or ones where you do not need to pay so much cash up front) or you can get reciprocal links. Whatever it is you choose to do, do it aggressively, do it consistently and accumulate those links as fast as you can.

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A Secret From High Traffic Webmasters And Bloggers

Simple question: what do high traffic site owners spend most of their time doing? Simple answer: Acquiring links for their sites.

Do a little research and read a couple of case studies from high traffic sites and you will find that the road to success for a huge majority was via the accumulation of links. The links may have been acquired or provoked (there are actually so many different techniques of rapidly acquiring links. Like obtaining prison torture photographs from Iraq for instance. The only problem is that these once in a life time miracle opportunities are not available every day and neither are they available to everybody).

It is therefore not surprising to learn that leading site owners spend most of their time working on increasing the number of links pointed at their site. They will do deals for reciprocal links, they will beg for them in a polite note, they will offer free software as a strategy to attract links. Whatever they do, they will do often and they will spend vast amounts of their precious time focused on this sole objective of accumulating links.

And that's because they are fully aware of the fact that acquiring links will tend to have the biggest impact on their traffic.

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Why Paid Text Links Fool Search Engines Most Of The Time

There is no doubt that buying search engine rankings does not sound ethical. Especially because it puts the small low traffic, low budget sites at great disadvantage.

But, hey, who said life is fair.

The reality is that a quick look at the top ranking sites will quickly reveal that most of them gain their rankings using paid text link ads.

Although leading search engines have made a lot of effort to be able to differentiate between paid links and natural hyper links, the truth is that they are yet to find a reliable and effective way of doing this. In fact what tends to happen is that genuine links are getting ignored while many paid links are getting counted. Actually a vast majority of text links are getting counted. One of the reasons is the way these text links are created these days. They fit in so smugly with the rest of the content.

The main reason why this happens is not to fool search engine robots, but it is to get more clicks through for the text links. The less something looks like an ad online, the higher a response, you will tend to receive. Knowing this, site owners have found ways of incorporating these text links in the heart of their articles and content to great effect.

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Power Of One Way Links

There is no way that you can ignore links and hope to be successful online. It just doesn't work that way. Read the details in this useful article by Ispas Marin...

One Way Links: The New Generation of Links By Ispas Marin

For the past few years search engine traffic has become the most targeted. Just think about this: a site without traffic it's dead site. And the best way to get good targeted visitors are search engines. So if a site ranks well in search engines then i can ensure you that it's not dead.

The most important and popular search engines are Google, Yahoo and MSN. This search engines include in their search algorithms link popularity. So you can consider inbound links as some kind of votes in the favor of your site. So the main idea is that if you have many links that point to your site from pages with related topics you will rank well in search engines.

But, in time search engines updated their algos and now they evaluate all the links. For a very long period of time all the webmasters did al they could to trade links. But now, because of the new search engine algorithms, reciprocal links are not powerful. This is the point where one way links appear. This are the new powerful and useful links.

One way links have many advantages over reciprocal links. The first and most important plus for this kind of links is that you won't have to worry anymore about linking back to a "bad neighborhood". So buying one way links will really help your site to rank well and you won't have any problems with bad seo.

Also one way links usually stay in place for a very long period of time. If a webmaster puts a links that points to your site on his website, this means that he likes your site's content and he wants to offer it to his visitors too.So, because the links will be on related pages each one way inbound link will tell the search engines that your site is valuable and deserves the link.

In conclusion you can think that one way links are the new generation of links. Don't hesitate to get as many one way links as you can to point to your site and you will have the targeted traffic that you've always desired.

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10 Ways To Get Valuable High Traffic Links

Wondering how you can create those valuable high traffic links pointing to your site? Here is a list of 10 different ways that you can do it.

10 Ways To Get Incoming Links To Your Website by James Woolley

Obtaining incoming links to your website fulfills two main objectives. Firstly it increases the traffic you could potentially receive to your site because the more links you have the more traffic you should receive, and secondly, by obtaining links from pages with a good page rank you can increase your own page rank which, although not the deciding factor, will help boost your ranking in the search engines.
Listed below are ten ways in which you can obtain these sought-after links.

1. Exchange Links With Other Websites
This process, known as reciprocal linking, is common place on the internet, and is something most webmasters do. However, while it's something you should do, it's important to note that search engines place more importance on one-way links than two-way or reciprocal links.

2. Submit Your Website To Directories
This is a good way of getting one-way links to your site (if a reciprocal link is not required). There are numerous directories you can submit to, offering both free and paid submissions. When deciding on whether paid submissions are worth it, you should look at the page where your link is expected to appear and see if it has a reasonable page rank, and the number of other links that appear on that page, with the fewer the better.

3. Build A Network Of Websites And Interlink Them
When building multiple websites it makes sense to interlink them, preferably from a home page link for maximum benefit. This can be very beneficial if each of your websites is on a different server, but be careful if they are hosted on the same server, as the search engines will think you're deliberately manipulating their results, and will most likely prevent you from achieving higher rankings.

4. Write Articles
This is a very powerful method of obtaining a lot of incoming one-way links to your site. By submitting your articles, which include the all important resource box with the link to your site, to multiple article directories you can pick up backlinks from not only these article directories but from other websites who pick up your articles and include them on their website or blog.

5. Write Press Releases
Writing a compelling news-worthy press release about your site or related topic, can also result in multiple websites and news sources picking it up and linking to your site. This is a very effective way of obtaining numerous one-way links very quickly, but doesn't offer the long-term benefits that articles do.

6. Create A Blog
Blogs are very easy to create with multiple websites offering free services, so there is no excuse for not creating a blog related to and linking to your main website. You could post anything - your thoughts, articles, or affiliate program reviews, for example, but make sure you include a link to your site in the links section, and at the end of each post if appropriate.

7. Leave Comments On Blogs And Guestbooks
You've got to be careful with this method that you don't abuse it and start spamming other people's blogs or guestbooks. Leave legitimate comments, and make it look like you actually have something to contribute. For example, just saying "Great Blog!" and then leaving your link is rightly considered to be spam, and will also damage your reputation in the long run.

8. Post On Forums That Allow Sig Files
Sig files are the line(s) that appear at the bottom of each message and act as a discreet way of advertising your site. You won't get a great deal of benefit in terms of page rank, as most forums do not have a high page rank for their threads, but you will build up a good number of links, and as forums generally tend to get spidered by the search engines regularly, they will follow the links to your site and subsequently spider your site on a regular basis.

9. Write Testimonials
By writing and submitting testimonials to websites that you have previously purchased products or services from, you can get high-quality links to your site, often from the home pages of the sites in question.

10. Buy Links
The final way to obtain incoming links is by simply buying them. This can have a dramatic effect on your page rank and subsequently your search engine rankings if you can get links from PR6+ sites, however the only problem with this is that most links for sale are often for a set period of time, usually a month, and so you have to keep buying them to maintain your higher page rank and rankings.

About the Author
James Woolley is a full-time marketer who runs a website and newsletter dedicated to helping people make money online.
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